Our corporate social responsibility programs are designed to provide long-term benefits to our employees, customers, partners, and individuals in communities around the world, allowing us to embrace our responsibility to the communities in which we operate and to society at large.
We have a clear vision for our Corporate Social Responsibility: we act responsibly as corporate good citizens in local, regional and international communities and in the business world. We help further development in society and the sustainability of human interests by funding opportunities for improvement, protecting our environment and nurturing our employees.

Our initiatives go beyond charitable donations. Without taking away any of the merit of charitable donations, our focus is on being a responsible company, by ensuring that day to day operations do not impact negatively on the society and environment where it operates, and leading by example.

Our strategy for achieving our vision involves six key initiatives:

·     Sustain and protect our environment

·     Observe high ethical standards in business and employee relationships

·     Support local and regional communities

·     Understand and respond to priorities and adding value

·     Make research accessible

·     Use technology responsibly