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A unique marketing tool
As a member of your hotel will have access to a unique marketing channel. Many tour operators and booking platforms use the Hotel Directory directly on their sites, and also refer to the Hotel Directory in travel brochures and other marketing materials. The Hotel Directory can be used directly on the hotel site, without you having to spend time creating or updating data pages. - better for business
Travellers and tour operators visit the Hotel Directory to get answers to specific questions about the hotels they have booked or are planning to book. Is there wireless Internet? Does the hotel have a children's menu and high chairs? Will a wheel chair pass through the door of the hotel room? Thanks to the Hotel Directory travellers can find detailed information quickly and easily. The clear and detailed listings contribute to more satisfied customers that are more likely to return the following year or recommend your hotel to their friends. updates the information once a year or on request from the hotel.
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Objectivity gives credibility
The Hotel Directory gives an accurate, detailed and a one hundred percent objective picture of the hotel. has quickly become a renowned source of top quality information. Hotels with membership receive a certificate which gives competitive advantages and more credibility with tour operators and travellers.

Benefits for hotels:
• Unique marketing channel
• Reference to the Hotel Directory saves time and resources
• Increased level of service
• Detailed and objective information
• Use Directory directly on your site
• Contributes to more bookings
• Less confusion and more satisfied customers
• Competitive advantage
• certificate gives added credibility

How to Become a Member
Should your hotel be interested in becoming a member of, kindly
contact us and we will forward you the necessary documentation.  Once membership is confirmed, management is requested to fill in a detailed questionnaire about the facilities available at the hotel.  

The next step is to schedule the hotel review.  A reviewer will stay in the hotel for 24 hours and will be hosted for all three meals and an overnight stay.  The actual review normally takes about three to five hours, depending on the size of the hotel and the various facilities available.  Once the review documentation is completed, management is requested to sign them as confirmation of their accuracy. On completion of the review, the hotel is awarded a certificate which proves that the hotel is listed in the Directory.  It is recommended that this is displayed in a prominent location in the hotel lobby.


Become a member